1. What payment methods do you accept?

All available payment methods are listed at the bottom of the Shop page

2. Is shipping always free?

Shipping is free for Canadian customers only. If you’re a local 

(Durham/Toronto region), your item(s) will be delivered by hand

3. Are all of your item tax free? 

All of the items sold on the site are currently tax free. This might

change in the future.

4. How do I order an item that’s no longer in the store?

If the item isn’t shown in the Shop page, it is not available for 

purchase. All previously released items will be showcased in an online

archive soon.

5. What’s the best way to wash my clothing? 

Wash your items inside out to ensure that the print doesn’t crack, peel or 

fade over time.

6. I have my own clothing/clothing brand. Can we collaborate?

If you would like to discuss potentially working together, contact me through

instagram (@jetlag.digital)

7. Is your name really Jet?